Welcome to the Motorcycle Riders Association of the Australian Capital Territory

The committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm at the Harmonie German Club, Narrabundah; we encourage all current and prospective members to come along.

Send us an email if you are thinking of coming along and we’ll meet you at the door. If you would like to eat first, some of us have a meal from about 6.30pm and all are most welcome.

Membership is the lifeblood of this association; if you are interested feel free to contact our membership officer Mike Kelly or fill in the form, bring it to the next meeting or scan and email it through.

Latest News

Notice Board

  • Inquiry into the planning, management and delivery of road maintenance in the ACT

    The committee of the MRA ACT submitted a response to the Legislative Assembly’s Inquiry into the planning, management and delivery of road maintenance in the ACT.

    You can view our submission, and those from other individual/s and/or groups, here.

  • Driving Anger Research

    The University of the Sunshine Coast is currently conducting a study to identify what situations make motorcyclists and drivers angry – an area of research that has not been thoroughly examined.

    The study is being conducted online, and we encourage as many ACT road users as possible to take part.

    The MRA ACT is also making queries as to whether we can publish the outcomes of this study once they are available.

  • Stay Upright MASTERS Course Subsidy Update

    Remember doing a figure-8 in a parking lot and getting your paper licence?
    Maybe you got your licence as soon as legally allowed, then had a few kids and vowed to return to riding again someday?

    In either case, if you’ve been off two wheels for 10+ years you will find it beneficial to brush up on those skills. The MRA ACT subsidises Stay Upright’s MASTERS course which aims to give a returning rider all they need to get back out there and feel the wind in the face again.

    We’ve recently been able to increase the subsidy to make it more attainable for all returning riders, bringing the cost for you down to $150.

Why Join the MRA ACT?

The MRA ACT can only continue to be successful if it receives ongoing support from riders of the ACT and immediate surrounds. While the MRA ACT has achieved a lot for riders, we must continue to build on our achievements and that is only possible if we actively receive your support.

Our community knows we exist through our charity work which has grown steadily under the stewardship of our many volunteers, with rides of over 1000 riders becoming a benchmark rather than an aspiration.

The MRA ACT is recognised as the representative body of the motorcycling community of the ACT. We have embraced the other clubs in the ACT and have been rewarded with several becoming affiliate members.

The MRA ACT participates in Government decision making and is called upon to provide views and raise concerns. The ACT and federal governments, opposition and other parties recognise the MRA ACT as the representative body for motorcyclists in the ACT and surrounds irrespective of the type of motorcycle or single track vehicles, gender, age or club affiliation.

The MRA ACT encourages all riders to support our work in achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Our Objectives

To represent all riders of the ACT and immediate surrounds irrespective of gender, age, club affiliation, or type of motorcycle or single track vehicles they ride by

  • Raising the profile of motorcycling in the broader community
  • Actively pursuing equal rights to the use of the roads and regions of the ACT
  • Improving road safety for riders but not by undermining a riders right to choose
  • Engendering motorcycling as a safe, efficient and greener alternative form of sustainable transport