2020 AGM Results are in, and the New Execs are …

The 2020 MRA ACT Annual General Meeting was held as a MS Teams meeting on 29 September, where a new executive committee was elected:

  • President: Mark Boast
  • Vice President: Jen Woods

The following general committee members have stayed on in support of the new executive as well:

  • Social Media Officer: Andrea Lanagan
  • IT Administrator/Support: Adam Smith-Platts

The MRA ACT urgently requires two willing volunteers to become the Treasurer and the Secretary. Neither of these roles are very time consuming or onerous.

There are many opportunities for the MRA ACT to become involved with, particularly following the election of the new ACT Government, as we intend to meet the new ministers who take the Road Safety and Roads portfolios. Whilst the MRA ACT missed Motorcycle Awareness Week this year, it continues to grow outside the ACT. It is intended that Motorcycle Awareness Week will restart in the ACT next year.

While Mark spends time bringing himself up to speed with the MRA ACT, we will not hold a meeting in October, but we look forward to holding a meeting in November and hopefully seeing new members and returning members.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark by email to the president mailbox or to the committee.

About Our New President: Mark Boast

The MRA has played a valuable part in ACT motorcycling over many years. Its success has been down to the selfless volunteers who recognise that better and safer motorcycling does not come about by sitting back and leaving to others.

It is in this spirit that I put my hand up to take over the President role at the AGM and carry on the good work. I look forward to giving back to the MRA (ACT) for all it has done for me.

Perhaps a few words about myself as I haven’t been very visible in recent years. As a defence brat I was half brought up in Canberra and my first motorcycle licence was for a job as a Post Office telegram and mailman on the then new Honda 90’s.

I joined the Royal Australian Navy as a pilot and after 5 years found myself in the UK for another 18 where I was fortunate to fly Harriers and complete a test pilot course with the US Navy. As cockpit merged into desk I took up motorcycles again to fulfil the “need for speed” but also as a very practical way of getting around worksites in Southern England. That was my excuse anyway!

The kids made up my mind to return to Australia in 2002 and I stepped into a defence contractor role here in Canberra. Projects covered all three Services and ranged from IED electronic protection through to JSF. I’ve retired recently keeping an active role in cycling advocacy with Pedal Power, practising/teaching yoga, choral singing, and generally enjoying all that Canberra region has to offer.

The Service environment taught me the value of good training, strong technical standards, and above all a constant application of safety in all its guises. It is those lessons I wish to bring forward to MRA (ACT). Look forward to meeting you all and working and enjoying life together.

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