***CALLING ALL STATES*** AMC Welcomes Road Rule Changes

It is with great privilege to be able to relay the Australian Motorcycle Council’s media release concerning the new nationally-agreed Australian Road Rules published this week.

Of note are the following:

  • Formalise the use of European helmets certified to UN/ECE 22-05

    UN/ECE 22-05 provide safer helmets and a more competitive market

  • Clarify that standards compliance for helmets is at point of manufacture

    Current Rules demand a helmet must be in exactly the same condition as when sold; unmarked by use and including all original packaging and booklets, which is impossible

  • Remove legally-grey areas, such as use of dark visors in bright daylight, and use of communicators and cameras

  • Provide uniform Rules for lane filtering

    Currently four different sets of rules exist, with considerable variation

  • Tidy up some small variations resulting from unclear definition criteria

The MRA ACT is proud to have been part of this discussion in providing a more consistent and safer riding environment for all Australians. At the state level, individuals, government bodies, and associations, like ours, are readying to lobby the state/territorial government to adopt these new national rules, with as little alteration/amendment as possible.

The full media release from the Australian Motorcycle Council can be viewed here.

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