Beating the pay parking in the Parliamentary Triangle with the Canberra Motorbike Parking website

Kate has developed and maintains the Canberra Motorbike Parking website.

Well, despite various delays it has finally arrived. Pay parking in the parliamentary triangle will be introduced on 1 October. At $12 per day I expect that a lot of current or even lapsed motorbike riders will be aiming to ride in to work as much as humanly possible! I understand from the motorbike shops that there has also been a rush of interest in motorbikes and scooters from triangle workers. I recently surveyed the new and consolidated motorbike parking in the area and it was great to see that more parking spaces have been provided. It will be interesting to see if it is actually enough but a thumbs up to the NCA for responding to our requests for additional parking.

I have added the additional parking areas to the Canberra Motorbike Parking website which I maintain – For those who are unfamiliar with this resource it features a Google map marked with 189 designated motorbike parks across Canberra. Each parking area is linked to basic details including a photograph, address, the number of spaces, whether you can lock up, fees (if applicable), information about how to get into the parking area and nearby ‘permanent’ features or facilities. On the website I also invite you to contact me with details of any new sites you find or news about park closures. Finally, I provide some tips and contacts on petitioning for new or improved motorbike parking – these might get a work out if the parking in the parliamentary triangle proves inadequate.

Finally, a special bouquet to the University of Canberra who recently installed a 54 space motorbike parking area behind the library building. I believe this takes the prize as the second largest area in Canberra, just behind a 57 space area at the Russell offices.

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