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Frontal Identification

Frontal ID

Considerable debate occurred recently in motorcycle lobby circles concerning frontal identification of motorcycles. Victoria is in the process of letting a tender for the testing of frontal identification decals. At this stage South Australia and NSW consider this matter a dead issue however this remains to be seen.

According to John Anderson’s media release on the National Road Safety Strategy, dated 19 September 2004, the implication remains that frontal identification will be rolled out nationally by 2007.

We have approached the ACT Government for advice on their position on Frontal ID of motorcycles – we have yet to hear but hope to in the near future.

Front ID for motorcycles: truth or myth?

I have heard that this is urban myth but I have just recieved it again from a more reliable source – perhaps it is just doing the rounds once again, or a sign of things to come…


A former brother who now works for 3M rang me today to confirm the purchase of a special transluscent adhesive numbered amrt10363-8 has been purchased by a company in Victoria as the winning tenderer in Vicroads/Citylink quest for front number plates.

The deal is this as we understand. The company who at present is unidentified has found a way to imprint the registration information i.e. letters and numbers onto the translucsent film with a laser. This information is almost unreadable/undetectable to the naked eye, but when scanned by a digital speed detection device (by taking your picture) or Etag systems for those of us who use the tollways here in Melbourne, it (your rego details) can be clearly seen on the photo. It does not hinder the passage of light from a headlight or distort it and is not distorted in any way regardless of lumens power of the headlight or whether it is on or off. It is virtually impervious to heat or damp and in unaffected by solvents once adhered to the glass. It will be one size so they say and once it is on, it requires no further attention. Date on implementation? they are gearing up to print all number plates on the database by no later than 15 October 2004.

Rumour has it, all motorcycles in Vic at least will be front registered by Nov 1. The rest of the states are waiting for the finished product before making their respective orders to 3M. However, 3M has ordered the extra film to allow for the demand.

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