Hazard Reporting

Reporting Motorcycle Road Hazards

Members are encouraged to report any road hazards you notice in your travels, not only benefiting all motorcyclists (and other road users), but also helping to ensure prompt remedial action is taken.

When reporting a hazard, make it easy for Roads ACT to respond by including the following:

  • clear identification of the hazard location – including suburb, street, closest intersecting street, other identifying location descriptors;
  • a description of the hazard, eg
    • pothole
    • oil/diesel/chemical spill
    • grass growing on road path
    • rough surface
    • blind corner/intersection/crest with intersection
    • private or public flora that blocks reasonable sight lines of approaching traffic at an intersection
    • road marking
    • bump
    • loose gravel, leaf litter or debris on surface
    • overhanging branches
    • water ponding and/or icy surfaces in winter
    • sign posting/roadside furniture
  • comments and suggested remedial action

In addition, providing a “registered report” (ie, supplying your email address) allows you to track progress of the response.

Suggested Classification Scenarios and Appropriate Contact Points

If you want to submit a report, you first need to prioritise the hazard and then select the appropriate communications channel. The suggested procedures are shown below.

Priority 1 – Life Threatening Situations

Where absolute immediate attention is required, call 000 and advise the Police. Such hazards would include but not be limited to:

  • Major oil, petrol or chemical spills rendering the road impassable
  • Motor vehicle crashes involving wreckage and injuries
  • Major road outages (eg, due to flooding, snow, etc.)
  • Any other situation where traffic diversion is needed NOW.

Priority 2 – Urgent Situations

Where an urgent (but not necessarily immediate) response is required, call Canberra Connect on 13 2281 and lodge your report. Situations in this category would include:

  • Moderate road subsidence
  • Moderate oil/petrol/chemical spills
  • Other hazards needing rectification within hours.

Other Hazards

Where the hazard can be addressed within a reasonable time or as part of a routine maintenance cycle, submit your report to Canberra Connect either via their feedback page or by email.