Motorcycle + Scooter Training in the ACT

MASTERS Course (Stay Upright: MRA-ACT and NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust sponsored)

(Mature Age Skills Training for Experienced RiderS)

“The “MASTERS” Course is a defensive road skills course…. tailored to the needs of licensed riders returning to motorcycling after a break.”

Ride ’n’ Thrive Course (HART: MRA-ACT and NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust sponsored)

An “ON ROAD hazard perception and risk minimisation training course for motorcyclists”

GEARS Course (Stay Upright: GoT’M and NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust sponsored)

(Girls Education and Rider Safety)

A “road craft skills development course” for women.’M Fact Sheet.pdf

Other Stay-Upright Courses

“Stay Upright Motorcycle Techniques is contracted to the ACT Government to provide Pre-Learner and Pre-Provisional Rider Training and Provisional Licence Assessment services for ACT residents.”

  • Pre-Learner Training Course
  • Provisional Training Course / MOST (Motorcycle Operators Skill Test)
  • Intermediate Roadcraft Course
  • Advanced I – Skills Development Course
  • Advanced II – Cornering & Braking Course
  • Introductory Dirt Riding Course
  • Scooter Skills Course

Kickstart Course (Motorcycling Australia: ACT Motorcycle Club)

“Getting started in junior motorcycle sport” Flyer.pdf Kickstart booklet.pdf

Y-AIM FASTMX (in conjunction with Yamaha)

“Conducting Motocross and Supercross training clinics in WA, NSW and ACT.”

Honda Smart Course (motorcross)

“The two crucial elements to maintaining control over your motorcycle are balance and mastery of all four controls.”