From the AMC: ARRB

This is a guest posting from Guy Stanford from the Australian Motorcycle Council

David Milling, from the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), was the rider of the hi-tech FJR1300 used by ARRB to collect data as part of studies in recent years conducted in Queensland and South Australia into motorcycles and road infrastructure.

Last month, Dave made a presentation at the annual International Transport Forum in Germany about motorcycles and infrastructure. This focussed on what can be done to improve motorcycle safety across the network and emphasising the need for greater consideration of motorcycles in transport planning. His presentation drew significantly on the 2016 Austroads report Infrastructure improvements to reduce motorcycle casualties, and of note he made a point of mentioning that the Australian Motorcycle Council and our member organisations had been directly consulted in the preparation of that report.

There are many facts, figures and references in this report that will be of great use going forward, and we’ll certainly be bringing this report to the attention of Infrastructure Minister Michael McCormack.

The full report can be downloaded here, and it is highly recommended to take the time to read through.

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