From the AMC: Helmet Videos

This is a guest posting from Guy Stanford from the Australian Motorcycle Council

With all the confusion around helmets and helmet laws, MCC of NSW got some funds from Transport for NSW to clarify some issues and move discussions away from “stupid laws” and onto a proper discussion about helmets.

We’ve made three YouTube videos

Basic stuff, to provide a key into the subject for questions.

You may recall when there was something you knew almost nothing about and didn’t know how to formulate a question that would give you an answer that was useful and would inform you.
Many newcomers to motorcycling (and old hands) have absolutely no idea about why a helmet is useful, other than that you need one or you get a ticket.
(one form of risk management !)
So the videos range across the subject from a users’ perspective, to prompt questions and inform on the basics.

Hopefully, they’ll raise questions (about helmets) in the mind that can be readily answered and understood, at least in the general sense.
There is much we had to leave out to keep to the 3 minute limits on a short attention span YouTube video.

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