Tips and General Info

Motorcycle Parking in the ACT

The Canberra Motorbike Parking website provides information on 189 motorbike parking areas (as at 7 October 2022). Each parking area is marked on a google map.

Helmet Care

  • Do keep your helmet clean using approved cleaners specific by the helmet manufacturer.
  • Do ensure the helmet is well maintained and free of defects
  • Do store your helmet carefully to keep it safe from impacts, abrasion, and unnecessary sunlight
  • Do ensure linings remain firm, fit snugly otherwise replace the helmet
  • Don’t rest your helmet on the bike seat as it can fall off. Even small drops can generate micro fractures that can detract from the helmet’s performance when it counts!
  • Don’t hang you helmet on your mirror or carry rack frame as apart from the possible fall, you are reshaping the Styrofoam liner thereby reducing the impact absorbing characteristics
  • Don’t sit your helmet on the fuel tank – apart from the possible fall, the petrol fumes rot and melt the Styrofoam
  • Don’t use caustic or petrochemical cleaners – these degrade the protective quality of the outside shell
  • Don’t leave your spare helmet dangling off the bike as you ride
  • Don’t sit on your helmet – its uncomfortable anyway but most importantly helmet distortion can result

Tyre Pressure

One way, although painstaking, of checking for correct tyre pressures is to do the following:

  • Load your bike with attendant people, luggage etc as you intend to take on a trip.
  • Check your tyre pressure
  • Ride with this load for about 15 minutes
  • Check your tyre pressure again

If your tyre pressure has varied by greater than 4 psi, then you are running under inflated.

If your tyre pressure has varied by less than 4 psi, then you are running over inflated .

The variation around the 4 psi reference gives a rough idea of how much to increase or decrease your pressure.