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Don’t be deterred from riding – ever!


The Canberra Motorbike Parking website provides information on 189 motorbike parking areas. Each parking area is marked on a google map.



The October Riders Forum held at EPIC Conference Centre raised a number of topics of concern for riders.

They included:

1. Suitability of fast and busy arterial roads for motorcycles and scooters.

2. Availability and usefulness of data concerning motorcycling around the ACT.

3. Costs of riding as a deterrence to owning and riding motorcycles and scooters.

4. Threat of wildlife to riders on ACT roads.

A follow up of these issues was made with Minister Chris Steel. The meeting was very positive and future courses of action were identified to be followed up. In addition to the items of concern raised at the Forum was the stagnation and even reduction in riding around Canberra. As well as having the lowest proportion of machines per head of population on the Eastern Seaboard, the ACT has noted a reduction in motorcycle endorsement on driving licences! 

The MRA ACT’s primary purpose is to encourage riding so we’ll continue to follow up and discover the reasons and remedies to this unexpected negative trend. 

Checkout this excellent report to see the detailed statistics but bear in the mind the caveat provided in the document.